Video: CongoPeat at Peat-Fest 2021

CongoPeat Early Career Researchers at Peat-Fest 2021

At Peat-Fest on 29 May 2021, CongoPeat Early Career Researchers (ECRs) gave a video introduction to CongoPeat, the central Congo Basin peatlands and the ECRs behind the science.

Peat-Fest is an online global festival celebrating peatlands organised by RE-PEAT. In 2021 it attracted over 400 participants from every single continent, save Antarctica. RE-PEAT is a youth-led collective working to bring more awareness and appreciation to peatlands.

Link to video:


  • 0″00 Welcome
  • 3″13 Shona Jenkins (University of Edinburgh, UK): background and PhD project, ‘Assessing human uses of the central Congo Basin peatlands’
  • 4″40 Background to CongoPeat project and journey through central Congo Basin peatlands
  • 14″19 Introducing CongoPeat Early Career Researchers
  • 15″18 Joseph Kanyama (University of Kisangani, DRC): background and PhD project, ‘Mapping and understanding vegetation of central Congo Basin peatlands’
  • 17″44 Ovide Emba (Mbandaka Higher Pedagogical Institute, DRC): background and UG dissertation ‘Variation in GHG fluxes in relation to peat swamp forest types in the DRC’
  • 19″45 Matteo Sciumbata (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands): background and MbR project ‘Measuring fine root production in tropical peatlands: assessing ingrowth cores and minirhizotrons in the central Congo Basin
  • 23″17 Concluding remarks
Video created by Shona Jenkins. 

With thanks to Joseph Kanyama (interview), Ovide Emba (interview), Matteo Sciumbata (interview, photos, footage), Simon Lewis (photos), Greenpeace/Kevin McElvaney (photos), Bart Crezee (photos and footage), Wen Mampouya (photos), Daf Crabtree (photos), Helen Plante (coordination).