Expedition near Impfondo. Credit: Simon Lewis


Professor Simon Lewis
(Principal Investigator)

Chair of Global Change Science, University of Leeds, UK; holds equivalent position at UCL. Leads CongoPeat, and provides expertise on the peatlands' role in the global carbon cycle.


Professor Susan Page

Chair in Physical Geography, University of Leicester, UK. Peatland expert with over 20 years’ experience of studying South East Asia’s tropical peatlands. Co-leads CongoPeat.

Professor Andy Baird

Chair of Wetland Science at the University of Leeds. Peatland expert and creator of the DigiBog model of peatland development used in the CongoPeat project.

Professor Richard Betts

Chair of Climate Impacts, University of Exeter, and Head of Climate Impacts Research, Met Office Hadley Centre, UK. Earth System modeller, who leads on implementing tropical peatlands within JULES (Joint UK Land Environment Simulator) as part of CongoPeat.


Dr Arnoud Boom

Associate Professor of Biogeochemistry, University of Leicester, UK. An organic geochemist, who uses stable isotopes to reconstruct the past climate of central Congo.

Dr Corneille Ewango

Associate Professor of Botany, Dept of Ecology & Forest Management, University of Kisangani, DRC. One of central Africa’s leading botanists, co-leading CongoPeat’s expeditions in DRC.


Dr Suspense Averti Ifo

Lecturer in Forest Ecology, Marien Ngouabi University, Republic of Congo. Forest ecologist & co-discoverer of the Congo peatlands, co-leading CongoPeat’s expeditions in Republic of Congo.


Dr Ian Lawson

Senior Lecturer in Palaeoecology, University of St. Andrews, UK. Palaeoecologist; co-discoverer of Congo peatlands, leads palaeoenvironmental analyses of peat cores to understand history of central Congo’s peatlands.

Dr Lera Miles

Principal Specialist - Area-based Planning, UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre, UK. Science-policy interface expert specialising in tropical forests, leading on translating scientific findings into policy advice.

Dr Edward Mitchard

Chancellor’s Fellow & Senior Lecturer in Forest Change Mapping, University of Edinburgh, UK. Remote sensing expert, leading on mapping the peatlands and scaling field measurements to the CongoPeat region.


Dr Paul Morris

Lecturer in Ecohydrology, University of Leeds, UK. An expert in wetlands modelling, co-leading the parameterisation and implementation of the peatland development model DigiBog within CongoPeat.

Dr Sofie Sjögersten

Associate Professor in Environmental Science, University of Nottingham, UK. Greenhouse gas flux measurement expert, leads in situ carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide estimates at CongoPeat fieldsites.


Dr Greta Dargie
(University of Leeds, UK)

Co-discoverer of the central Congo peatlands, leads CongoPeat field campaigns to derive new carbon stock estimates for the peatlands and synthetic cross-disciplinary analyses.


Dr Ian Davenport
(University of Edinburgh, UK)

Remotely sensed data analyst, collecting and analysing airborne LiDAR data to assess peatlands' topography and using satellite data for regional scaling.


Dr Nick Girkin
(University of Nottingham, UK)

Expert in field greenhouse gas fluxes, leading carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide measurements on CongoPeat field campaigns.


Dr Donna Hawthorne
(University of St Andrews, UK)

Palaeoecology expert, assessing pollen, macrofossil & charcoal in peat cores from CongoPeat expeditions in order to understand peatland development across the region.

Dylan Young

Dr Dylan Young
(University of Leeds, UK)

Ecosystem modeller, developing and using DigiBog to simulate past peat accumulation and the future impact of land use and climate on carbon stocks.


George Biddulph
(University of St Andrews, UK)

Project: Past and present spatial patterns in the peat swamp forests of the central Congo Basin.


Selena Georgiou
(University of Edinburgh, UK)

Project: CH4 and CO2 fluxes from the Congo and Amazon peatlands.


Joseph Kanyama
(University of Kisangani, DRC)

Project: Mapping and understanding the vegetation of central Congo’s peatlands.

Emmanuel Mampouya

Emmanuel Mampouya
(Marien Ngouabi University, RoC)

Project: Carbon cycling in a hardwood peatland swamp in central Congo.


Mackline Mbemba
(Marien Ngouabi University, RoC)

Project: Carbon cycling within a Raphia laurentii peatland swamp in central Congo


Georgia Pickavance
(University of Leeds, UK)

Provides quality assurance of inventory data, serves data between workstreams and assists in secure archiving of datasets.


Helen Plante
(University of Leeds, UK)

Bilingual (French/English) CongoPeat project administration and impact assistant, providing support to Professor Lewis and the whole CongoPeat team.


Dr Yannick Bocko
(Marien Ngouabi University, RoC)

Co-discoverer of the Congo peatlands, provides expertise and new allometry of Raphia laurentii for CongoPeat.


Dr Eleanor Burke
(Met Office Hadley Centre, UK)

JULES modeller, improving the representation of soils, including peat, in JULES.


Dr Sarah Chadburn
(University of Exeter, UK)

Providing assistance with modelling in JULES.


Bart Crezee
(University of Leeds, UK)

PhD student supervised by Prof Lewis. Project title: Spatial distribution, carbon stocks and diversity of lowland tropical peatlands in central Africa.

Dr Hilaire Elenga
(Marien Ngouabi University, RoC)

Expert on Congolese palaeoenvironments, provides assistance and knowledge to the CongoPeat palaeo-team.


Dr Yannick Garcin
(Aix-Marseille University, France)

Providing palaeoenvironmental and radiocarbon dating expertise.


Walter Huaraca Huasco
(University of Oxford, UK)

Expert on Global Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM) plot establishment and maintenance, assists with GEM data collection protocols.

Dr Iain McNicol
(University of Edinburgh, UK)

LiDAR expert, leads flying of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Republic of Congo, and assists with data analysis.


Professor Paul Palmer
(University of Edinburgh, UK)

Remotely sensed data specialist, assists in using satellite products to scale in situ measurements to the regional peatland-wide scale.

Dr Enno Schefuss
(University of Bremen, Germany)

Palaeoenvironmental expert, analysing leaf-wax isotopes to assess past climate in Africa in order to place Congo peatland development over the Holocene in a continental context.


Matteo Sciumbata
(Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands)

MbR student supervised by Prof Rien Aerts. Project: Fine-root production in the tropical peatlands of the Congo: mini-rhizotron and in-growth core methodologies applied.


Dafydd Crabtree
(University of Leeds)

Based in Impfondo, Republic of Congo, manages the monthly data collection from the three intensive Global Ecosystem Monitoring field sites.


Dr Carolina Duran Rojas
(University of Exeter)

Provides strategic support for the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator, JULES, model.


Will Hiles
(University of St Andrews)

Leading sample preparation for palaeoenvironmental analyses.


Genna Tyrrell
(University of Leicester)

Leading sample preparation and analyses to reconstruct the past climate of the Congo.

CNRS, France

Providing palaeoenvironmental expertise.

GASHE (Groupe d'action pour sauver l'homme et son environnement), DRC

Julian Mathe
Assisting with field campaign planning.

Global Peatlands Initiative, Kenya

Providing science-policy interface expertise.

Greenpeace Africa

Assisting with field campaign planning.

NERC Radiocarbon Facility, UK

Providing radiocarbon dating expertise.

University of Göttingen, Germany

Providing palaeoenvironmental expertise.

University of Oxford, UK

Providing advice on GEM plots plus ecological expertise.

WCS Congo, RoC

Assisting with field campaign planning.


Assisting with field campaign planning.

WWF Germany

Assisting with access to airborne LiDAR data from DRC.

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