Past, Present and Future of the Peatlands of the Central Congo Basin

Credit: Kevin McElvaney/Greenpeace 

About the Project

In 2017 our research team revealed that the world's largest tropical peatland is located in the geographical heart of Africa. Over 10,000 years peat has been building up. Today the central Congo peatlands store 30 billion tonnes of carbon, requiring careful protection.

CongoPeat brings together an interdisciplinary team of leading experts to study this newly discovered yet threatened ecosystem.

Credit: Kevin McElvaney/Greenpeace

Congo peatlands would never be protected without meeting IPLC needs, wellbeing and aspiration. Let’s meet them AT the core of the Cuvette central peatlands in Congo. #Congopeat, @DargieGreta ,@Cassiedummett, @elonmusk @richardabetts @GCRF_TRADE_Hub @unepwcmc @UNEP @UCL

Professor @CorneilleEwango is an inspiration. This beautiful multimedia report by @Melaniegouby spotlights the new generation of #DRC scientists leading forest and #peatlands research. @CongoPeat

Today we start research in another area of peatland forest in northern Congo, in an area dominated by logging companies. We will seek the views of people living in forest concessions about protection options and community development.

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